Movie Making Magic!

How much control do you have over the movie of your life? We all spend copious amounts of time trying to control our outer world. How’s that working for you? We are busy humans orchestrating our life each day. There are uncountable moving parts, right? Notice I said outer world? When you begin taking control of your inner world consciously and powerfully, your outer world unfolds with precision. Take back your power from wherever you have left it. Gather up the bits and pieces of it. As humans we have given our power away more times than we can count. In fact, take back your power from all your lifetimes!

Raise your hand if you have ever had a negative thought. When a negative thought invades your peaceful space, what do you do? Do you let it gain a foothold? This can create scenarios of anger, fear, judgement and blame – the battle ensues. Positive/negative, angel/devil on each shoulder, confusion, frustration – it’s an endless cycle unless you end it. Let the scenario run through your mind and instead of resisting it, let it play out. Then, drum roll…create a new movie. Use your imagination to create a new scenario that trumps the negative one with outlandish positive intentions.

Go over the contrasting outcomes. Experience both as if they are reel. Feel them out. Next up, pick the one that appeals to your sensibilities. Rehearse (I am assuming you chose the obvious one!) rehearse and rehearse this awesome scene over and over on the movie screen of your mind, feel it and visualize it until you hold a sense of knowing-ness that it can become a reality.

Your monkey mind does not control you, unless you allow it to. Stand firm in your resolve. The less junk going in, the less negativity (and space for it) showing up in your outer world. It’s not rocket science folks, just common sense. It’s time to take our inner power back and there is no time to waste. You see what’s happening out there. The key is what’s happening in each of us. It’s that simple, we humans are easy to distract and we have been intentionally distracted. You do know this, right? If not, do some homework – do the math.

YOU direct your power. You are love, wisdom and power. We have all had temporary amnesia, but now we are re-membering who we are and the power we wield to improve not only our personal lives, but that of the outer world we share in the bigger picture. No time for downtime…seriously! We are on a precipice, and not to sound morbid, but the scales need to be tipped and soon.

I wrote my book Change Your Movie, Change Your Life: 7 Reel Concepts for Courageous Change to get this message across to people around the world. One by one we make a difference. Our movie matters, adding fuel to the collective moving picture we all share on this planet. Let go of old energy, anger, judgement, blame, criticism. Forgive yourself and others of everything! Trust me, you will leave the pain, disappointment, frustration and misery behind you in the dustbin where you have edited out all the unusable bits.

Just like in Hollywood many films offer an alternate ending not presented to the general public. The studios tests this out with a select group of people in screenings. You get a sneak peak into alternate endings. That’s what Hollywood offers you, but in the movie of your life, you get to write whatever ending you want. I call it Movie Making Magic!