MAP = Money Abundance Prosperity

~ a New Year gift to you from a boy and his companion!

Let’s be honest. We all want to live a life filled with abundance. Three words – Money, Abundance, Prosperity. Topics emotionally charged that are interwoven together. Each of these words strikes a different cord in us. Personally, I prefer the word abundance, reminding me I live in an abundant Universe. Money is only one aspect of abundance and prosperity. Most people have been challenged by money issues at some point in their life. The reality is, the world we inhabit requires money to live, so why not make peace with it? Can we MAP out a peaceful co-existence with the varied aspects of wealth? I believe we can.

In November 2015 I attended the “Radical Prosperity” event in Los Angeles hosted by Lee Harris & Emmanuel Dagher. I always trust my inner voice and was prompted to attend. On the afternoon of the event I gained a more expanded awareness and perspective on the topic of prosperity. Emmanuel spoke about money and our personal relationship with it. I knew I was in the right place at the right time. The next day, two miraculous (truly big!) things occurred, completely unexpected, letting me know I was on the right track.

Each week since, the topic of money, abundance and prosperity swirls around me in fascinating ways. Not all of it has been fun by the way, but I remain ever the student. I understand everything I need is ‘inside’ me. When I need direction or an answer, I go in – deeply. My personal blueprint is fascinating, one I never tire of exploring – a true adventure! When one word or a series of words show up repeatedly, I pay attention.

Are you wondering where this is this going? Here goes…we are all interconnected. We are our own individual mini Universe, sharing life in the larger Collective Universe. Everything we think, say and do matters. When we judge, live in fear and complain about what life is doing ‘to us’ we are not living in our power. You and I are here to live in our power, connected to Mother Earth, the Queen and Master Teacher of abundant living. She is a conduit for prosperity and channels it beautifully.

“You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness and trust.
You were born with ideals and dreams.
You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.
You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.” ~Rumi

How do we use the potential we were born with to fly? If you feel you have lost your inner power, you can call it back from wherever you have left it. Your relationship with abundance is in your DNA, just as it is in nature. We are energy, just as abundance, prosperity and money are. Different aspects of energy, yet each (according to the power we give it) affects our lives. I don’t know about you, but I want abundance overflowing into all areas of my life. The key to prosperity exists within. I can’t turn the key to your personal state of abundance, but you can. Wealth is an internal experience, an inside job, a state of mind.

Big tip – stop focusing on what you don’t want. This is a HUGE key! Your subconscious says “YES” to anything you feed it. Identify your limiting beliefs and look them over. Where did they come from? Do you believe possibility can turn into probability? Are you ready to ditch the old patterning and build new patterns that best supports your life? Money, abundance and prosperity hold different meanings for each of us. Do not compare your life to another, your inner and outer wealth path is your own.

Examine how you feel about all aspects of inner and outer wealth. Throw some words out there and see if they trigger a reaction in you. Don’t confuse who you are with what you have or do not have. Your identity is not what you can acquire. Money is a resource, an external element that we can build a healthy relationship with. Build a strong sense of inner worth. They say our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Make sure yours brings you peace and joy.

Happy New Year – May your 2016 be filled with Abundance!