Be An Exception – YOU Are Amazing!











Be an exception to the rule. When we think and act for ‘ourselves’ with the attitude that as an individual our needs and wants may be different from the next person, life gets more joy-full. Copying other people to fit in or trying to be like them can steal your powerful life force. Losing yourself, your identity, your power to anything outside you is not to be taken lightly. You are enough, I am enough, we all are! Keep Oneness in mind, yet hold true to your integrity, ideals and dreams. We all learn from trying to fit in, emulating someone we look up to, wanting people to like us, or to think we are cool. Be true to yourself and work on living from the inside out vs the outside in. There are many bridges to cross to heal the aspects of ourselves we came here to experience and explore. Each day we get to start over in any way we choose. By being true to yourself and living an authentic life you really come into your personal power.

Be an exception because you are amazing…just the way you are!

Debra Oakland

“Nature provides exceptions to every rule.” -Margaret Fuller

Photo by stefano principato