The Traveler's Gift – Perfect Gift!

Book for December  - The Traveler's Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success Looking for a gift? This modern morality tale by gifted writer and speaker Andy Andrews teaches seven fundamental strategies for creating a successful life. Much like the best-selling books by Og Mandino, … [Read more...]

The Case for God by Courageous Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong's book "The Case For God" is a tour de force.  A brilliantly written and passionate book about God.  Karen is one of the most interesting religion writers of her day.  We all have many names for God, to fit our comfort levels.  Karen Armstrong explores those names, and our deep inner … [Read more...]

Oscar Wilde Has Shown Me Courage

I can’t get enough of Oscar Wilde's wisdom, brilliant wit and charm.  It takes a person living in courage to accomplish the things Oscar Wilde did. I feel influenced by him to live each day more courageously, more authentically. Do you know Oscar Wilde wrote Fairy Tales?  They are magical, filled … [Read more...]

Courage – In Memory Of Martin Luther King, Jr

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr - who is the ultimate of Living In Courage, I share some of his wise words with you that are very timely.  This is from his commencement speech "The American Dream" delivered at Lincoln University on June 6, 1961. All this is simply to say that all life is … [Read more...]

Charter For Champions of Courage

We need to build a global community to come together in peace. This amazing video closes the barrier between religion and race. It is about being compassionate and caring for our fellow men, women and children across the globe. It is about living from that place of courage deep inside of you. This … [Read more...]