Appreciation by Steve Tallamy Maybe it’s the spring air but just lately I have noticed that wonderful feeling of appreciation bursting within me; whether it is family, friends or total strangers, I have noticed that I appreciate them for simply being who they are and not for who I think they … [Read more...]

Inspirational – Reel Wisdom

Inspirational - Reel Wisdom Every now and again something comes along that makes you go Wow and sends a tingle running through you.  That is how I feel whenever I connect with nature and the earth, a positive charge is sent through my system and my thoughts and senses obtain a newborn clarity.  But … [Read more...]

The Creatures Of Your Soul

The Creatures Of Your Soul - Steve Tallamy's Monthly Article Think of the creatures of the woodlands and forests as your soul; they are pure, shy creatures that only reveal themselves when they feel safe and in harmony with your physical presence. Crash your way through the undergrowth and you … [Read more...]

A Lesson To Be Learned From Nature

Happy Holidays and Blessings to you for the New Year! I am looking forward with anticipation to the changes 2011 are bringing.  Steve Tallamy and I have decided to co-author a book together.  I have been working on my book for some time, yet it was missing an element I could not put my finger on. My … [Read more...]

Foraging in America

It is my pleasure to share Steve Tallamy's Monthly Article "Foraging in America."  We had a wonderful visit with Steve and are very grateful for his presence in our lives. Happy Holidays Everyone from Living in Courage! Foraging In America Many of you will know that I have just come back from the … [Read more...]