Code Of Ethics – What Are Yours?

Code of Ethics

I’ve been thinking about integrity, honor, and ethics a great deal over this last year. In 2008 I wrote a short article on these topics and felt it was time to revisit these important qualities.

Out in the world we have popular opinion, government, the media, and all manner of life and details revolving around Covid. Many people are confused and rightfully so, scared of an uncertain future. Others are strong and unmovable in their opinions and beliefs. The behavior I see in people is all over the board, and I believe much of it has to do with fear.

Do you have a code of conduct? Has it been swayed, or do you choose to lead your life filled with important qualities, such as honor and integrity?

These are questions that cross my mind and that I have asked myself over the years…

– What is your philosophy?

– Have you done an examination recently of how you conduct your life?

– Do you live a full life, where at the end of that life there are few regrets?

– Do you carry another persons baggage because of fear or guilt?

– Are you supporting something in another person that does not come from integrity?

– Do you realize that when a person does not act out of honor or integrity, this can set into motion the same energy in another persons life?

– Are you in integrity and honor with yourself and others?

– What are the silent forces in your life that impact your reality experience?

– Do you stretch your code of ethics to a point they send mixed messages that come back as limitations you don’t recognize or want in your life?

– Are you willing to look at what you have set into action and change old habits and patterns no longer supporting your life?

– How expansive is your consciousness? Are you willing to listen with an open mind. If not, why? You may learn something of value.

– Is your code of ethics weak, needing to be strengthened? If so, are you willing to ask for help?

You get to choose

Ask these two most important questions: What are you doing and why are you doing it? Listen closely to the answers.

Expand, explore, and enjoy life courageously. Grab hold of your inner torch of liberty, the authority that belongs to you. Be the Force.

You can’t test courage cautiously. – Annie Dillard