Courageously and Happily Live the 7 Days of Your Week

Monday is:         Miraculous, Magical, Majestic, Motivating, Musical, Mastery

Tuesday is:        Terrific, Tempting, Tolerant, Total, Timely, Tasty

Wednesday is:   Wonderful, Wild, Willingness, Waiting Peacefully

Thursday is:      Thrilling, Thorough, Thought Provoking, Timeless

Friday is:           Fun, Fulfilling, Fantastic, Frolicking, Food Finds, Flowing

Saturday is:       Successful, Sun, Silly, Seductive, Special, Sexy

Sunday is:         Selective, Shelter, Sleepy, Slow, Silky, Slumber

How fun to look at life with courage and make the choice to select the ways you want your week to unfold. It takes more work to think and act negatively than positively.  You get results either way, so pick the road you wish to travel on.  How easy can it be?  Get creative and add any words that suit your life.  I just quickly added the ones that make me feel good.  How Easy Can It Be?

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online