Curiosity, Creativity & Courage – The Three C’s That Compliment Us!

Curiosity, Creativity & Courage

Curiosity, Creativity & Courage go hand in hand happily dancing through the corners of your body, mind and spirit! The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. We are intensely curious as children and creativity is the order of the day. Our little bodies and minds were active and we were courageous! If you have lost one of The Three C’s, try this….

Take a day of your life and go out into the world experiencing life as if for the first time. Creativity can be elusive without curiosity and without courage we don’t resonate with or move in the direction of our dreams very quickly. The world we live in is a wonderland for curiosity seekers. The Three C’s really know how to compliment our lives.

How do you feel when you step outside the box of the same old day in, day out routine that has lost it’s luster? It feels energizing, invigorating and effectively helps us shift. Possibilities are everywhere and people love to give assistance if you ask.

So take your curious creative courageous grown-up self and enjoy exploring all the world has to offer. Remember, when you say yes to life, life says yes to you!

Debra Oakland