Empowerment is Soul Food!

Empowerment is food for the thirsty soul. The essence of power flowing through our cells, nourishing body, mind and spirit.  Don’t you feel unstoppable when you think, feel and act empowered? I know I do. It feels good and you want to stay in that high vibration of energy.  Imagine living in a world where we are empowered 24/7 with all life as our cheerleader. Wow, who would not want to live in this In-Power-Momentum that propels us forward?  Well, we don’t live in that world, YET!  But while we are here, the more inner strength and courage we can use to propel us forward into our expanded self, the more Joy-full and creative we will be.  Momentum builds a platform for you to share your message on.

Unshakable resolve comes to mind, which ties into courage. Sometimes we just need to dive into the deep end of the pool holding tight to our dreams. Sure, you may get bounced around by challenges. I am going through a few myself right now. But if I cling to the shallow steps of the pool afraid to go farther, that is exactly where I will stay, at the shallow end of the pool.  I want to play with the big kids who aren’t afraid of the deep end.  One thing I have learned from experience is that challenges make you stronger, more empowered.

In January, I got to play with some of the big kids at Motivation Marathon. Now, these kids have been having fun in the deep end longer that I have, and a couple of times I felt like running back to the shallow end! It can seem daunting to follow them, but I must!  This event and all the speakers encouraged me to take the steps to propel myself forward into my dreams. My challenge is thinking it has to be done tomorrow.  I have so much to learn, and I trust in myself to know that I will be courageously successful in my own authentic way.  We all can, so jump into the pool wherever you like and when you are too comfortable, go farther until eventually you find yourself having fun and enjoying life in the deep end of the pool.

I feel very honored and grateful to have been one of the 47 speakers for Motivation Marathon. For those of you who missed this event visit www.motivationmarathon.com and register for your Free E-Book and while you are there listen to Gary Kobat’s one hour presentation along with the video of Dr. Michael Beckwith & Gary Kobat.  Click on Listen to Free Highlights of the speakers with more speakers to come…all FREE!  I promise, you will want to dive into the deep end of the pool when you hear these speakers!

Debra Oakland