Everyone Has a Story

Everyone Has a Story


Everyone has a story. Why does ours seem more important than the next guy or gals? Because we have experienced and lived through the physical and emotional highs and lows that are felt to the core of our being. We have picked ourselves up courageously and carried on, even when we did not think it possible. So yes, as a human you have a story. If you have ever pulled your big boy/girl boots up and moved on, in my mind this makes you brave and courageous.

“Pain nourishes courage. You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.”  – Mary Tyler Moore

It’s important to go easy on yourself when the shit hits the fan. Since you are the writer, director, editor, producer and star of your life movie, you have access to the shredder and can re-write your own ending. Sure we all want wonderful things to happen to us ALL the time, but what’s the excitement in that? How would we learn, experience, and expand into the ultimate vision we hold for ourselves if everything is always perfect? People bond over their stories, and ‘perfect’ people can be irritating to those who aren’t. Enjoy the process of raising your energetic frequencies as you ascend in dimensional consciousness.


  1. Blaming others for how for how your life is progressing. It’s a dead end road that makes for a very sad movie.
  2. Not being aware of the decisions you make and how they affect others.
  3. Treating those on your movie set disrespectfully.
  4. Egocentric – you are not the only one in the movie. Your supporting cast is a reflecting mirror.
  5. Being a bit player in your own movie – if you’re okay riding shotgun, then don’t be surprised if you don’t end up at the desired destination.
  6. Living from the outside in gives your producer/directorial power away.
  7. No appreciation or gratitude for your reel life.


  1. Take responsibility for your life. Be the shining star you were meant to be.
  2. Make conscious choices that lead you directly into the life you desire, doing harm to no one.
  3. As the authority figure on your set, be kind and give supportive encouragement to those who are enthusiasts of your movie. After all, they help you build your story just as you help build theirs.
  4. Teamwork. Playing well with others – it takes a supporting cast to build a meaning-full life. As they say, “No man is an island.”
  5. At some point to live the life you dream of, you have to take the wheel and steer it toward the desired destination.
  6. Be a powerful director of your energy to consciously create (from the inside out) the story of your life with passion and purpose.
  7. Gratitude can make for a reel happy ending!

If you have some edits and rewrites to do, I offer a challenge. I invite you to write new chapters in your story. Think about where you want the direction of your life to go, what you want to have, be or do. Happy Movie Making Magic.


  1. It’s so important to know that we can rewrite our life script! When I deeply reflect on crucial experiences from my life, I can see how they have brought me to where I am, able to engage with life in vastly expanded ways. Thank you for such clarity in your way of expressing this Debra!

  2. I really like the idea of writing the story of our lives — the way we desire it to be! I’ve been practicing future visioning for a while now, but actually putting the thoughts onto paper is even more powerful!

  3. Hi Debra, I LOVE this – so much wise advice in this one post! We truly are the screen writers and directors! I choose a happy middle and ending! The beginning was there for background and learning! Sending much love and gratitude, Jenny

  4. There are only so many plots in the world of story. We all want the same things: to be loved, safe, fulfilled, seen and heard, and we all hold the magic pen that writes a happy ending.

  5. Love, Love, L-O-V-E! Thank you for sharing this!