Feeling Fearless & Courageous?

Feeling Fearless & Courageous?

Feeling Fearless & Courageous is a bold question. Courage without fear running the program takes inner work at a deep level. There are layers to work through. Breaking through to the cause and effect of each layer requires introspection, self-awareness, courageous curiosity, and wisdom. Trust what comes up and do whatever is necessary to make the desired change.

Fear has despicable manners, narcissistic tendencies, makes for a trickster companion – all the while trying to persuade me to follow its lead. When I resist, there is  whining/complaining, or worse.  I only have myself to hold responsible for indulging the family of fear. Breaking away with the intention of spending time in better company, freaks the freak out of fear. Conscious choice coming from a place of love, vs fear, assists us in preventing many pitfalls throughout life.

The frequency of love is powerful.  When we remain in its company, completely committed, we live in different energy.  A life lived in fear is in complete contrast to a life lived in a state of love. Different worlds. The rules to each are the same, because you control the power of your mind. You will manifest one or the other (+ or -) by powerful thoughts connected to feelings, which then determine intentions and actions.

Be kind, harmless to self and others. Do you want the same things for others as you want for yourself? That’s what love wants. If you choose love you must choose what love embodies. It takes deprogramming and reprogramming with a higher perspective coming to light.

We are energy – everything is energy. Our higher source is a constant, never changing flow of love and perfection that moves through us effortlessly, like electricity. The energy we as humans engage in reshapes that clean energy of pure love that is plastic to our thoughts and feelings.  Are you feeling fearless and courageous?