Healing Body, Mind & Spirit

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Healing Body, Mind & Spirit is a three fold activity. Healing each of these three areas in a balanced way is important to your well-being. If one is out of balance the other two areas suffer. We are energy – everything is interconnected.

Our cells talk to each other in their own unique language. The messages you send to your cells is important. Making the decision in our mind to care for our body in a supportive and loving way, greatly uplifts our spirit.

When you are depressed, it affects every system in your body, when you are joy-full your multi-body system thrives. We store energy and patterns not only from today, but also from years ago. Some are happy, some are unpleasant or even painful. Many of these energetic frequencies are stuffed down, stored deep inside, in need of healing. Try as we might to stuff the old feelings down, they pop their head up looking for attention.

If we don’t work on forgiveness, on healing the old energy, dis-ease may manifest in one form or another. Recognizing and Releasing the old energy balances and heals our energy fields. It is your choice to live in a state of love or fear. One heals, one steals your energy.

Debra Oakland