It Takes Courage to Say "How Easy Can It Be?"

I notice people talking about how hard everything is. Life, work, relationships, parenthood, growing up, letting go – you get the idea. We have programmed ourselves, and not in a positive way in most regards. Life is not supposed to be a struggle, we make it that way. It takes courage to say, “How easy can it be?”

Not making enough money? Set a goal of what you want to make – an end result. Perhaps you want to make $5,000, $10,00 or $15,000 or more a month. Pick an amount realistic to you, but stretch yourself a bit. Then say ” I don’t know the details of how this will happen, I may not know the way to make this happen, but I hand the details over to _________.   Who do you trust in as a higher power, your source, a guardian angel? Use whatever you are familiar and comfortable with, or just the strength you know is inside of you.

Say the amount, hand it over and then say “How easy can it be?” Say it all day, feel it. There is an abundance of money on this planet, plenty of rich people. They have money, so can you. How easy can it be? Be a magnet for what you choose, because only you get to choose what comes into your life. Get used to knowing things are easy – not difficult. Reprogram your hard wiring.

You can use this statement for relationships, a job, health, joy, peace, financial freedom or any need you have. There is an abundance of all of these things everywhere, so it is available to everyone. Change your attitude with courage of conviction.

There is so much going on in the world right now that frightens people. You will see old dark systems crumble beneath the feet of those who have been living off the backs of the people. The lies we have been told will unfold faster than we can keep up. The world of finance, business, economics, technology, energy and global interaction will all change as new systems rise to take the place greed and corruption.

As these changes occur, we need to change what is in us as well. Look deep into old patterns. Anything unforgiven, anger, judgment of yourself and those around you, what is not working in your life and how you created it. How do you approach each day? Usually the same old tired way. Wake up and say this day will be different – “How easy can it be?” Change your self talk, feelings and actions to reflect these new miracles that are waiting to come into your life.

Will your try it? Just give it a chance. It takes courage to say “How easy can it be?” But, you know what? I know you can do it.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online