Beyond Challenges: Finding Hope and Resilience in the New Year

Throughout our lives, we inevitably encounter challenges that test our resilience and strength In the chronicles shared on my "Living in Courage" blog, I've delved into the narrative of triumphing over some of life's most formidable obstacles. The year 2023, however, has proven to be particularly … [Read more...]

When You Dedicate Yourself Magic Happens

Article by guest blogger Peggy McColl - The words “I do” when spoken as wedding vows signify a level of commitment to a partner for life. Whether you are married or not, I’m certain you understand that high level of commitment. This act (of the exchange of wedding vows) is a gesture in being … [Read more...]


Fearlessness written by Bobbie Hughes Millman Have you ever heard someone say they’re afraid of heights or that they fear speaking in front of others? Most of us have. And there are so many who share those fears. But have you ever heard anyone say they’re afraid of success? These are words we … [Read more...]

It Takes Courage to Say "How Easy Can It Be?"

I notice people talking about how hard everything is. Life, work, relationships, parenthood, growing up, letting go - you get the idea. We have programmed ourselves, and not in a positive way in most regards. Life is not supposed to be a struggle, we make it that way. It takes courage to say, "How … [Read more...]

Courage + Commitment = Successfull Goals

How committed are you to reaching your Goals? This quote came to me today from Bob Proctor. I had just finished some writing for Guide to Home Based Business, where I post blogs on utilizing courage in business. This quote is so true. With courage, combined with commitment, you will find a way … [Read more...]