Live In Courage As Never Before

Female eye close up with smart contact lens with digital and biometric implants to scanning the ocular retina. Future concept and hi tech technology for scans to face eye identification

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it. – Helen Keller

We tend to fear the unknown

Where does living in courage come in? Our aim in life is happiness, don’t you agree? This is where courage takes center stage. If we live in a state of fear, our happiness is stolen moment by moment. Love can tend to be a many layered conundrum. I quote Olga Jacoby , author of Words of Pain: Letters On Life And Death. Written in a letter she inscribed in the early 1900’s, “Love, like strength and courage, is a strange thing; the more we give the more we find we have to give. Once given out, love is set rolling for ever to amass more, resembling an avalanche by the irresistible force with which it sweeps aside all obstacles, but utterly unlike in its effect, for it brings happiness wherever it passes and lands destruction nowhere.”

The reason I share this beautiful statement is that love does not seem to be permeating our world

In contrast, I see destruction, anger, revenge, fear, manipulation and the like in every corner I look and listen. In our communities and out into the world at large, we need more love, right action, courage and the ability to stand up for what our heart tells us is right and true.  What I ask myself is, “What are people’s hearts telling them, and why so many sleeping numbed hearts? This is a period in time that our lives depend on educating ourselves as to how we came to be in this state of separation and despair.

Opening our eyes

Now is not the time to live on autopilot, to numb ourselves from unknown outcomes we fear for ourselves and others. It is time for action – blind yourself to nothing. What action you take, well, that’s what lives in your heart. Listen closely and although you may be comfortable in your cozy world, perhaps it is time to look deeper into your reality. It’s when we become uncomfortable enough to open our eyes to the things we do not wish to see or hear, that is when our heart begins to speak. This I know to be true, and if you are honest with yourself, you know it too.

Perhaps what you feel, hear or intuit is barely discernible. As you continue to tune in, you will gain momentum, discovering symphonies of inspired thoughts and feelings to guide and direct you. Make ample use of every power that has been given you, to use for the good end. I quote Oscar Wilde, “Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”

Our world is at a crossroads such as we have never before seen

Our entire planet is in upheaval and this affects everyone, everywhere. Please keep an open mind and trust that there is much ‘revealing’ coming for all of us. Although most people are not ready for what will be revealed, learn to listen to your heart and trust yourself to live in courage as never before.


  1. This message is so true. I wish everyone on the planet could read this.