Live Your Life Of Courage, Not Someone Else's

Imagine children doing genius activities.  Where does this come from? Some come in gifted, others work hard for what they achieve in life.  If we could only be so open to trying new things or break out of the boxes we place around ourselves.  Children are courageous, unafraid.  They explore by touching everything in site.  Looking at the world for the first time has to be such a wonderful experience that most of us soon forget as we grow up.  Children are great teachers of Living in Courage.  Sadly, far too often we conform to the experiences and advice of those we grow up with.  Tear down the walls of mediocrity.  Live your life of courage, not someone else’s.  You are as unique as your fingerprint.  There are no two alike.  When you make it a point to achieve greatness, you will be unstoppable.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online