Living 2010 and Beyond – Courageously


As I look back on 2009, I do so with the realization that we are all creators.  Collectively, we have created the world we live in.  Personally, we create our own environment mentally, physically and spiritually.  2009 has been a year of transformation for the majority of people around the world.  I have seen a great number of people looking back on 2009 in a less than enthusiastic way.  Blaming, criticizing and judging the what, why’s and how’s of our current economic climate from every angle.

I am grateful for 2009.  I believe we will all look back on this last year and find a place for gratitude in our hearts and minds.  2009 was a profound year because it began a process of healing for all of us.  Great shifts and changes for the earth, and the people living on her surface, came visibly alive.  In spite of what may “appear” to be happening in the outer world, there is a momentum of movement toward peace, positive change, new ways of doing business, awareness of the consequences of our collective behavior,  new ideas around government, education, science and technology moving into place. The wheels of change are in motion, the people are responding.  Our hearts are opening as never before. I see choices for joy and happiness, there is a renewed value and appreciation for family, friends and peaceful unity.  As I look back on 2009, it was a year of  awakening to new possibilities, change, hope, accountability, integrity, courage, honesty and appreciation.  It was also a big year for disclosure and secrets revealed – dislodging the agendas of many on the world stage.  The internet is a powerful source of truth.  We are just seeing the beginning of exposure.

2010 holds the promise of a new standard of living from the heart in a courageous way, that will move us forward in the coming years.  We are entering an amazing time on earth.  A time each of us will have to make powerful choices and decisions.  We each have a point of power inside, that guides and directs us.  As more people begin living from the inside out, versus the outside in, our world will transform.  What decisions will you be making?  A daily choice for love, peace, joy, abundance, health and happiness will transport you to a new world of magnificence.  I will not even entertain the choices on the opposite side of the fence!  Each hold great power.  I choose the power of Love & Unity.  I look forward to the future with enthusiasm and anticipation.  I am the master gardener of my consciousness, as you are of yours.  Pull the old weeds and plant new seeds.  Water them daily, pull the weeds when they come up, and plant new seeds in their place.  Walk in your garden, breathing in the beauty and perfection of every place and space of it.   2010 will be an exciting and fulfilling journey for a great many people.  A journey that can take us into and beyond the door to “Everything.”  Blessings to you for living 2010 and beyond courageously.  From my heart to yours…I send you love and light.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage Online.