Living Courageously in 2009

I feel such a surge of change as we move into 2009. People are forming global communities online and on land. This is a time to stay strong, live from a place of courage, honoring your right to life. There is a shift going on in almost every aspect of our lives. A palpable feeling. I find it exciting because I am making a choice for peace. I know that all my courage, all my power is inside of me, not out in the world.

I did not know this for a long time. When you harness the power inside, you can Live In Courage. I direct my life. I direct my life. I direct my life. That’s it. I took charge. It really is that easy.

Have a blessed New Year in 2009. It is my greatest wish for you to take charge and direct your life. May you receive all the miracles and manifestations your heart can dream of.

Debra Oakland @ Living In Courage