Living In Courage vs Living In A Comedy Of Errors?

There is a party going on and I am not going to miss it, how about you.  Everyone loves a good party.  This party requires Courage. Where’s yours? You may want to dust courage off and try it on.

We the people have been putting up with a “Comedy of Errors” – a ridiculous farce that is coming to a screeching halt. It seems we have been lied to by our government, religion, corporations, education, family, friends – simply the life we have been living.  Why have we put up with it?  Maybe conditioning, learned behavior, fear or simply we that have temporarily forgotten our true power.

What’s your story? How is your life going for you?  Are you living in peace, do you love, are you living a life of harmlessness to yourself and others?  Are you Living in Courage?  Most are not, but millions are making a different choice.  There is a movement of momentum building toward peace.  Can you feel it?  I can, it is everywhere.  People are tired of the bullshit we have been spoon fed.

You are seeing and will see old world systems crumble, evil exposed in all the nasty versions that have played out.  There is a huge shift in consciousness taking place on our planet.  Yes, our planet.  How exciting this is!  We are witnessing the downfall of an old world that does not serve us as a human race. Old patterns that have harmed Mother Earth. Healing is taking place amongst the chaos that appears real.  We are approaching a New World in which to live.

We are not going to take the shit that has been flung at us any longer. There’s courage for you.  We are standing up and flinging that pile of poo back at the sender (with love, of course.)  As the liars and evil manipulators of the world are standing in a steaming pile of their own evil crap, fully exposed, we who choose peace and love are rising in great numbers – Making this world a place worth living in and remembering.

There are magnificent changes coming to the earth.  What is your vision?  What do you see reflecting back at your beautiful courageous self?  Will you be part of the New Civilization coming very quickly or stuck in the quicksand?  This is a time of courageous decision making.  Choose wisely (never from ego or fear, which is illusion.)   Always choose from Love, from a place of Peace.

You will eventually have to make the right choice.  If you choose quicksand, you will discover there is no way out, without the choice for peace and love.  We will be waiting for you.  Please don’t be late for the party.

Debra Oakland @ Living In Courage Online