Make Courage Your Travel Partner

“Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”


Recently “Life By Me” described me as a writer, joyful experiencer and courage advocate.  I will take that and run with it!  In the article I wrote for them I said “We’re incredibly powerful beings, and yet, as Sting sings, “how fragile we are.” There’s a bridge between being broken and living in power. We get to choose which side of the bridge to be on and who we’ll assist to the other side. It takes courage to believe in ourselves, to be our true authentic selves, never apologizing for who we are. If we can create a spiritual space inside ourselves, a place where we can overcome life’s biggest challenges, we’ll truly live in courage. By navigating the bumps in the road wisely, joy becomes a very good travel partner.”  I truly believe this.  We are fragile, powerful, courageous beings experiencing and expressing ourselves in a multitude of ways.

Courage comes in many forms.  I like to think of the everyday hero, like you and me. By making wise choices throughout the day, being the best ‘you’ is courageous, because you are making a conscious choice for good. Sometimes challenges are put in our pathway, not to discourage us, but to call up the qualities of courage that are required, to find the opportunity in the challenge.  How you handle these challenges, and the choices you make determine how smooth or rough the experience will be. It takes courage to be harmless to yourself and others, to ask the question “Is the choice I am making in this moment for the highest and greatest good for myself and for all?” Life expresses out from us according to what is going on inside.  Every cell of our body emanates what we are thinking, feeling and acting upon.  You may be able to hide things from other people, but never from yourself.  We all need ‘purpose and direction.’ Being true to yourself should be the first order of business, and that my friend takes great courage. You can grow and be strengthened by challenges.  It is a choice, which can create a grand bridge to your joy.

In one of my quotes I say “Courage is required, down to the very fiber of our existence. Use your will, desire and persistence to develop the qualities you need to materialize your dreams, whether they be mental, physical, or spiritual.”  You are more powerful than you realize.  We all are.  Step up to yourself, for yourself.  Find your point of power and connect to it like your life depends upon it, and make courage your constant travel partner.

Debra Oakland