Motivation Thoughts

What motivates us as humans? I was pondering this subject thinking about various things that motivate, such as courage, inspiration, encouragement, and all the great qualities of life. There are many forms of motivation, for example fear is one. It does not take much to scare people into action. When fear is the motivating factor, the results will be different than those motivated by love, yet it may be an important stepping stone to acting from a place of love.

I have been motivated by many things in my life, but it always comes back to the basics. Living an authentic life doing what my heart leads me to do. By trusting that motivation comes from life all around me and from inside my soul, I am able to determine my best path. Like everyone I have made decisions out of fear. Many of those decisions were not the best, but they taught me what I do want. That is the power of contrast, which is essential for growth and expansion.

What and who motivates you? Does it last, or are you motivated in the moment and quickly lose momentum? Think about what fires up your soul. Inspired passion for excellence is a key factor in motivation. Passion, creativity, inspiration and productivity keep us alive and vital. This video on the life of bamboo motivated me to remember to plant the seeds, water them, encourage them and be patient for the growth that can explode from being nurtured.