My Definition of Courage

I was thinking about Courage. Huge subject, but this is what came to me while mulling it over. Courage is the will to act upon the strength and power within the Heart. Courage is not something you can have, it is something you become. To live a courageous life takes place in a person’s life when they allow the true essence of who they are to rise up and shine for all the world to see. Fearless of opinion. Those courageous individuals who are true to themselves, feel a powerful resolve that is unshakable. A true conviction of purpose to carry on in the face of any challenge. To stand in power of purpose is a pure point of courage, available to everyone who cares to utilize it in their life. The unfoldment brings forward the power alive within. This point of power has been diminished greatly and when awakened can shatter the fear of moving forward toward the intention or goal. Greatness arises from mediocrity. One or more lives are altered as awareness shifts to possibility and progress. Great is the union of courage and honor – a great gift within the heart of every human soul.

What is your definition of courage?  I would love to hear from you.

Debra Oakland