Nicole McKinney – Courage

I asked my incredible, amazing friend Nicole McKinney what the word Courage meant to her and this was her answer. I love the clarity Nicole brings to this in her life. I see that the Courage Nicole calls forth daily is bringing all her heart’s desires to her doorstep.
Here is what courage means to me. The grace and peace of believing that abundance and wealth resides with me, no matter what the struggles are. For myself the limiting belief of lack of deserving, lack of money, lack of success, lack of romantic love has always been the dominant sub conscious theme that dominated my other beliefs and put that forth into the universe over and over and over again. Hence, that was what was always presented to me. My courage now… is being open and honest to admit that truth and to that say that I accept myself, I love myself and I forgive who I am. Now I take my courage and my power and say that I am the wealthiest person on planet earth. I have so much love and support from my family and friends, I have a beautiful spiritual cat who gives me love in ways that are unexplainable in words but explode though feelings that look like rainbows. I now believe that the being that I am and the abundance of my being is infinite. To know that I am eliminating the belief of lack, replacing it with the never ending abundance that I have right now, as I write this note is the most important gift of courage that I can give myself. With that……… a gratitude dance is in order!