Self Improvement is Self Alignment

Self Improvement is Self Alignment

Think of your inner power as regenerative, a deliberate creation at it’s best. This is more than self-improvement, it is self alignment; reorienting our self to produce a positive and powerful alignment of our Mind, which brings us back to center, back to balance, and puts us in control of our lives. There is immense power in being in charge of all of your thoughts.

The goal is achieving equilibrium; where the flow of energy from the outside physical world is balanced by the flow of energy from our spiritual Source. When the external, physical influence is highly negative and toxic, we have it within our being to choose how we are going to respond based upon our internal orientation. If our orientation, our focus, our warrant has been given from the physical environment inward, Mind will respond accordingly even to the point of self-destruction. If we choose to orient ourselves to Source, our reception of and attunement to the spiritual stimuli is greater than that of the physical and our intentions determine our responses which result in actions that produce a more desirable outcome.

Shift happens in our life when we disengage from discord and the old triggers of our negative nature and, instead, engage the infinite power of Love as the foundational root of our response and thought creation.

Whether we are in a good place or a bad place, we are where we are at any given time because of a series of decisions that we made sometime previously in our lives. Becoming aware of this fact is the beginning of creating the life that we were meant to live and impacting the world around us in a positive and healing manner.

Together, with our combined thoughts, feelings and actions we can and will change the world!

Debra Oakland