The Courage Advocate – Debra Oakland

I am honored to be featured in Life By Me this week. I would like to thank my wonderful friend Chris Cade for recommending me to Life By Me.  Chris is featured on their site as a writer, speaker and empowerer.  I am listed as writer, joyful experiencer and courage advocate.  In fact I like the sound of courage advocate so much I think I will call myself “The Courage Advocate.”

Life By Me posts only one question “What is most meaningful to you?” Every day there is an original answer from all people such as Gary Zukov, Michael Beckwith, Judith Orloff, Dean Ornish, Leigh Taylor Young, Seth Godin, Marci Shimoff, Jack Canfield and many others. It is a wonderful space to get lost in…a real gem.

Click the link below to read my answer to the question “What is most meaningful to you?”