The Courage Of The Urban Zen Foundation

I wanted to talk about Courage in the form of The Urban Zen Foundation. Most people think of Donna Karan as a clothing designer, but did you know she created The Urban Zen Foundation? This foundation connects, creates and collaborates to raise awareness and inspire change in areas of well being, empowering children and preserving cultures.  They partner with other experts and organizations to create solutions and implement action.  The video explains more about the foundation and Donna Karan’s vision for mind, body and spirit balance.
Donna talks about the journey of Cancer and what is needed.  Urban Zen has created a group of integrative therapists to work with the patients.  She goes on to ask “How can we make a difference for the children of tomorrow? ” and says, ” We have to give them the tools that will really help them.”  As far a cultures, she says let’s celebrate them – help preserve them.  Lastly, as Donna so wisely says, “Love Cures All.”

Please go to this link and watch the many videos that represent what Urban Zen is up to.  They are truly making a difference in the world.  Link – The Urban Zen Foundation.

Debra Oakland @ Living In Courage Online