The New Order of Discipline

















By Steve Tallamy

For many years discipline was a word I avoided, it invoked an underlying sense of trepidation in me, probably stemming from my formative years when the only meaning it had was pain and punishment. Disciple meant being forced to comply against who I was and wanted to be, it meant unhappiness, loneliness, hatred against the enforcers and worst of all a lack of my own self belief as I was continually told that I was wrong, didn’t know what I was talking about, etc.. I detested the word and it was only later in life through my deepening connection with nature, that I learned to embrace it … but on my terms!

Self-discipline is a means of survival; learning to know yourself needs discipline, keeping to your goals needs discipline, being forgiving, compassionate, honest and loving all need discipline, so embracing it is a vital component of being who you want to be. There often seems to be no discipline at all when you look at nature, but beneath the seemingly chaotic surface there is synchronistic order. Insects, birds and animals rely on plants flowering, fruiting and seeding at the right time to survive. The plants themselves rely on the seasons to bring them the right conditions to be able to play their part in the chain of life and without discipline in nature that chain is broken. When discipline fails so does nature and the world changes.

It seems to me that we are in a period of ‘non-discipline’ right now, there are so many changes happening all around us, a link in the chain has broken and Mother Nature is frantically trying to hold it and us all together. Fortunately more and more of us are coming to realize that She needs a helping hand and a new discipline is evolving. A new world is being born; conservation, sustainable lifestyles, transition movement and green businesses are becoming the ‘norm’ rather than being simply things for the do-gooders and cranks to be doing. Like in my past these ways of life were considered undisciplined, not worthy of being listened too except by the few, those few are now many with more connecting with them every day thank goodness and Mother Nature is now being supported in her struggle for survival.

So discipline has a whole new meaning in my dictionary these days, it’s not painful nor punishing it’s: creating forgiveness, compassion, honesty, love and the bright new world you and I so dearly want to be a part of, to nurture and share it with each other and for the generations still to come. That takes Discipline.

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