Use Your Words – Carefully



Parents tell children “Use your words” to teach them language. As we become adults, we need to remind each other to use our words – carefully. Our words become our truth, so it is in our best interest to think before we speak. Words carry energy creating lasting impressions that can heal or hurt ourselves and others. This energy goes into our subconscious mind that cannot reason and takes us at our word, so we need to be careful what we are feeding it. Our speaking patterns are habit and habits can be changed, especially those that need altering. We were all children, now we’re just big kids grown up, so let’s remember our adult advice to children and apply it to ourselves!

Words such as love, joy, gratitude, success, health and creativity used on a consistent basis fill the places and spaces we removed negative words forms from. Old patterns of speech begin to take root with positive reinforcement. Be in control of your dialog, keeping in mind everything is energy. When we use words that have no definite value, the end result will be in exact alignment with those words. Think, then speak is advice we can all take to heart.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” -Dr. Seuss