Vision For Unity













Our vision for the future is critical to our success as a human race. We have come to a point in time where life as we knew it has shifted. This shift is going on daily, and as we adjust to the frequency of change, our lives will expand in ways we can’t begin to imagine. Earth changes, frequency shifts and global transformation will go on regardless of our opinions about it. My best thinking tells me to get on board for this exquisite ride. I certainly don’t want to be left wondering, what if? I want to know I made a difference, you made a difference, that we all did. The change we want to see is up to us to put into motion. There is no one else to do it. We are Gods and Goddesses – divine aspects of the God of our knowing. It is time to expand our vision out to our brothers and sisters in the world. Everything we do has an effect on each other and this planet. Waking up is our responsibility and what we are entrusted to do. Hoping things will change and doing no-thing to participate does not put us on the winning side of anything. We are winners, determined achievers, capable of greatness. I am not talking about becoming a world leader or famous, I am talking about success in our own backyards. Our success as a human being, human doing, will then spill out into all life. Get on board for yourself, your community and globally. Together we can transport this world swiftly into a place of unity (mutual support), peace and love.

Debra Oakland