Love Is Bad-ass!

Love Is Bad-ass

A simple question to ponder in any situation is, how would love respond? Why? Because love is bad-ass! Love is a many splendor-ed thing for REEL, just like in the movies. Unless your life is perfect, and I have a feeling all our lives could use a little tweaking, love would have the courage to say, “Kick yourself up the backside and get with the program, there’s only space for love here.” That’s what love does, speaks the truth, whether we want to hear it or not.

Do you have the courage to let go of what is not working in your life?  We’re all grown up now and want to live an authentic and courageous life – right? There are areas in life we feel challenged by, and when they become a daily occurrence, it sucks! Ultimately there is an inner knowing as to the W’s of resistance, and how they may be acting up or expressing in our lives. Take a look – go deep, come to terms, walk with it, be with it. Take your time. Don’t seek to measure this as something outside yourself. The effect is something outside of yourself, but the cause, the resistance creating the condition is inside you. When you find it, do you have the courage to let it go and let love fill the space? If you are choosing something you desire, yet day after day it’s not working out and all you feel is disappointment and frustration, it may be time to move on. Instead of feeding the challenging energy, surrender it and affirm your highest and greatest good. You may be surprised to watch it turn into something unexpected with an outcome better than you could have imagined.

Are you ready to accept that miracles, or what the world calls ‘miracles’ are a natural way of living life and unfold naturally when you sit as director in the seat of love? Ask yourself, is there anything in me that can interfere with the manifestation of the abundant miracles that want to appear in my life? Ultimately the only thing that can interfere with a miracle is you, and the family of fear.

Fear specializes in hatred, criticism and judgement of self and others, revenge, jealousy, blame and doubt for starters. Miracles are love, wisdom and power (imagine you and love holding hands as skip happily up the road together – sticky sweet I know, but no one will know you’re thinking it!) that will act in your life if you give them the opportunity. When you succumb to, or choose fear and it’s pushy relatives, the Love Force through which the miracle is coming to you, must stand aside, patiently waiting on standby.

Trust your life, keep choosing love because it loves to respond to you in kind. When enough of us consciously choose love this planet will change, and not a moment sooner. The 4 elements ( fire, air, earth and water) respond to this love. Restoration will begin. Our planet desperately needs to heal, just as we do. What does love do? It holds a permanent position in The Powerhouse of Love, ready to welcome us home.