Your Energy Is Your Fingerprint

Everything is energy

Your energy is your fingerprint, your energetic signature if you will. Do you ever wonder if everything we think, say and do is a recording of our individual signatures? I like to think there is much more to this life on earth than what we can ever imagine in our wildest dreams. We are a blip on the map, as are those that have gone before us. Past and present we use energy as a basic need in many forms.

What exactly is energy?

In science, energy is the ability to do work or heat objects. It is a scalar physical quantity, which means it has magnitude, but no direction. Energy is conserved, which means it can change from one form to another, but isn’t created or destroyed.

In physics, energy is the ability or capacity to perform work. But in Physics energy is a property of an object which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms. It is not possible to give a general description of energy because of its different forms.

Personal energy refers collectively to those parts of you that are subtle and non-physical, such as your sense of aliveness, feelings and emotions, thoughts, memories, conscience and beliefs. You can’t see any of these things, yet you know they exist and are vital to your sense of self.

This list could go on and on as there are many forms of energy and abundant descriptions. For this article we are talking about personal energy, which defines us, just as our fingerprint is unique to each of us. The more aware we are of our personal energy, we can better manage ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We are in the habit of managing many areas of our lives, yet how often do we manage the very core of who and what we are?

We are in an epidemic of busyness

Some throw themselves into the fray, others retreat or may even withdraw. This busy syndrome can be overwhelming when everything is at our fingertips at a moments notice. Eye candy and distraction fills the world, not always a good thing.

There are cycles in life for rest, work and play. I think you will agree, most of us look forward to our weekends. Balance is a key component in energy management. Many people, of which I am one, have tried to keep up in real life and online. I’ve taken a step away from social media, and it’s wondrous. Don’t get me wrong, I have met lovely people online over the years – many who have become great friends. I enjoy keeping up with these folks, but feel no undue pressure to keep up like I used to. Now that social media has been around so long, I think many people feel the same. I can’t tell you the sense of freedom I feel.

Life is an ongoing journey

Staying happy, healthy, creative and productive is where I direct my energy. Many of us look back in our lives and realize the things we loved and were most passionate about is exactly where our energetic path was trying to lead us. Busyness can cloud our field of clarity. Focused intention and purpose, guide and direct us in our creative endeavors. This is invaluable.