Money and Spirituality – Bridging the Gap

Guest Article & Image by Emmanuel Dagher - When you think of, hear about, or see images that depict financial abundance, do you cringe or get offended in any way? If you don’t, then I am so grateful to know that you have done the inner work to expand yourself into greater states of understanding … [Read more...]

The Big Bang Theory of Observing Life and Loving it!

Guest Article by Steve Tallamy - The Big Bang Theory of Observing Life and Loving It! Observing is an underused gift which we have all been given to enable us to connect with the love that surrounds us in each and every given moment of our lives. Fortunately I learned the art of observation at an … [Read more...]

Meritage Divorce – Book Launch Tour with Cheryl Nielsen

                            Today I am hosting Cheryl Nielsen author of the book entitled Meritage Divorce: A Blend of Financial, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Guidance…Through Wine Colored Glasses now available … [Read more...]

Climb Your Stairway to Happiness

Climb Your Stairway to Happiness by reading David Leonhardt's book - Climb Your Stairway to Heaven.  Everyone searches for inner happiness, but it is not something you can purchase or build.  David has written a book that is funny, insightful, full of great quotes and antidotes.   You will receive … [Read more...]

Love Yourself

Do you find it challenging to love yourself sometimes?  Learning to love yourself gives you a sense of freedom that resonates with your body, mind and spirit.  I would like to share a book with you that can assist you in learning to love YOU. Love Yourself by Lawrence Crane is a valuable tool , and … [Read more...]