What is YOUR Truth?

What is your truth? We all have one. How would you describe yourself if asked? We see ourselves in a different light than those around us because we present parts of ourselves that suit moment by moment interactions. Through individual perspective people come to know us, but our truth always shines … [Read more...]


I am honored that Mike O'Hare invited me to write an article on integrity to be shared on both our blogs. Mike O'Hare & Elfreda Pretorius entered into a truly amazing collaboration in writing a book while living an ocean apart. The Meadow is one of the most beautiful and profound love stories I … [Read more...]

Courage – How Easy Can It Be?

We learned about history in school - we learned about war, empires, great conflict, winning, losing and surviving. We learned about bad versus good. Did you learn about love? Did they teach us how to keep our bodies and souls strong in the light? How about courage, moral character, wisdom, peace, … [Read more...]