The Courage To Carry The Flame Of Freedom

Do you have the courage to carry The Flame Of Freedom? It is time for Unity. A time for the damaged hearts and minds of people who would do or cause harm – to stop.  The fires of change have been lit.  Many people now carry The Flame Of Freedom in their hearts and minds.  Change is spreading quickly around the world.  Peace will become a predominant force that pushes at the borders of fear.

The human heart holds a space for miraculous things.  The heart is a doorway to the unbroken soul that can swing wide open when given the right direction.  Our future can be built on solid principles of truth, integrity, honor, courage, love, right action and anything that is a positive for the human race.  These qualities are of no small consequence.  This world is intended to shine as the true diamond it is.  There is light and brilliance under the surface of the darkness that many see in the world.

I intend to walk a smooth journey full of joy and happiness.  What is your intention?  Will you live a courageous life or one of fear? You will have to choose, for no one else can do it for you. Fear is not and never has been the answer.  We just forgot where our power is.  We each have a unique gift.  To wake up and remember who we really are.  We really aren’t broken, but we have been through tremendous pain and suffering as a planet.

Each and every person will have to turn the key to the doorway to freedom and peace by their own hand.  Everyone will choose a different time for this.  As this happens you will see changes everywhere and the momentum is building.  People are tired of being lied to and not feeling safe in a world that was meant to be a place of beautiful perfection. Changes are coming and they are coming very quickly. Let your inner peace, light and love translate to the outer world.  We really can live in a symphony of perfection.  Maybe not tomorrow, but soon.  A new dawn is here for all those who have The Courage To Carry The Flame Of Freedom.

In Love – Debra Oakland @Living In Courage Online