What Do Your Refractive and Reflective Qualities Have To Do With Diamonds?

Simply by being your true authentic self, you gift the world with your presence. — Debra Oakland In the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe sang, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” In fact, Monroe’s rendition of the song has been considered an iconic performance, copied by many … [Read more...]

The Courage To Carry The Flame Of Freedom

Do you have the courage to carry The Flame Of Freedom? It is time for Unity. A time for the damaged hearts and minds of people who would do or cause harm - to stop.  The fires of change have been lit.  Many people now carry The Flame Of Freedom in their hearts and minds.  Change is spreading quickly … [Read more...]

Courage – How Easy Can It Be?

We learned about history in school - we learned about war, empires, great conflict, winning, losing and surviving. We learned about bad versus good. Did you learn about love? Did they teach us how to keep our bodies and souls strong in the light? How about courage, moral character, wisdom, peace, … [Read more...]

Have Courage – Release Resistance – Grab a Miracle

Do you have the courage to let go of resistance in your life?  I think we all want to live as our authentic courageous self. We all have areas of our lives where we feel challenged daily. Ultimately there is a knowing as to where the resistance is, and how it is acting up in our lives. Take a look … [Read more...]

The Power of Peace

Most of my life I have waited for others around me to make the changes I wished to see in the world. I realize now that I am part of that change and have a voice for peace. It takes courage for me to speak out, which I will be doing on a more regular basis. Pleasing everyone is not important to me … [Read more...]