What Do Your Refractive and Reflective Qualities Have To Do With Diamonds?

Simply by being your true authentic self, you gift the world with your presence. — Debra Oakland

In the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe sang, “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” In fact, Monroe’s rendition of the song has been considered an iconic performance, copied by many entertainers. She was not the first to perform it, but her version of the song is by far the most popular. Another fun fact is the song was listed as the 12th most important song of all time by the American Film Institute. Imagine that! I enjoyed the film and have no problem wearing diamonds, but the main objective here is to talk about another important aspect of this beautiful gemstone. Diamonds are considered a symbol of purity. We are like multifaceted diamonds in the rough, and sometimes we need a good purity polish. Diamonds can be contaminated by very few types of impurities and are one of the most sought after and most valued gemstones. They also have a high dispersion of light and are lovely to look at. Diamonds are believed by many to enhance one’s inner vision and intuitive connection with the divine.

Most diamonds contain some inner flaws like we do. These flaws occur during the formation process, as do ours during our “life” formation process. There are many types of diamonds. Different colors, sizes, shapes and shines — like us! Each one is beautiful in its own way and appeals to a different audience — like us! Think of it this way: the master diamond cutter (Source) has created the facets on the diamond to allow light to reflect from one facet to another. The light dances inside the stone reflecting back through its surface a multi-spectrum display of brilliant light in a mirror-like fashion to display its beauty. A diamond cut refers to the refractive and reflective qualities of the gemstone, determining its ability to handle and disperse light, which leads to its brilliance. The ability to absorb and reflect light gives us the opportunity to become a mirror displaying purity in all its shining brilliance.

In our life, we determine the speed at which light interacts with us, determining our ability to handle and reflect light back out into the world. We have more in common with diamonds than we thought! Your pattern of perfection was created by the source of all life. We are created in absolute perfection of purity. The qualities of love are active within us. How we use them is our choice.

To the influences of our inner and outer world, we give our power to reflect onto the movie screen of our life. Being magnetic in nature, we attract good through transmuting the shadows we have created, so if you don’t like what is showing up on your screen, you will need to flip the lens around. Throw illuminated light on impurity (negativity, fear, and its family) and transform all into purity (positivity, love, and its family). This keeps the structure of our foundation strong beneath us. Hafiz, a Sufi poet who expressed his love for the divine through his poetry, reminds us — “Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living in better conditions.”

Physical matter is the result of frequency so your revised movie will reflect back to you the positive changes you have made. Here is a key to the areas needing the most shift; Love, Wisdom, and Power constitute a threefold activity within our Hearts, which amplifies our frequency. When directed in a positive way, this activity increases the electronic energetic vibration of our cells. Your heart will respond to that to which you vibrate. The power of sound, thoughts, and words hold incredible power for change.

Consciousness shapes reality for all of us, so consider a good purity polish now and then. By releasing the cells of our body, mind, and spirit from impurities, we move one step closer to freedom, to the common spiritual bond we all share. Worth the effort and then some, wouldn’t you say? Nature does this intuitively and organically — a true source of inspiration, guidance, and love. A brilliant and intuitive teacher, the essence of the source is in every living thing. Ask any tree!

Polish the diamond of your desire, see it in its finished perfection shining out into the world. In our perfected state, we vibrate at a higher frequency and shine with diamond brilliance. The emotional frequency waves of love are high, rapid waves, in contrast to those of fear, which are long, slow waves. In our human state, we have impurities in need of a bit of polishing. Purity is like a human polishing cloth returning us to the all “natural state” of perfection, which the original designer intended us to be in.

Be sincere in your thoughts, be pure in your feelings. You will not have to run after happiness. Happiness will run after you. — Sri Chinmoy

Your Personal Storyboard on Purity
  1. Upon awakening in the morning, I consciously seek purity by:

  2. In my personal daily spiritual ritual, my conscious intention is to apply purity to:

  3. By aligning mind with spirit, I bring about positive frequencies in regard to:

  4. In the course of my daily activities, I seek purity of heart and mind in these areas of my life:

  5. My standard of purity is:

  6. In light and love, I recognize and acknowledge the following examples of purity principles:

  7. I choose to increase the positive purity frequencies in my life by:

REEL WRAP: The Concept of Purity
  • Impurity is a thief who steals the divine vitality of your perfection.
  • Free will gives you freedom of choice. You can change the thought creating the feeling you want to disengage from.
  • Your every thought, feeling, and action affects everything in the Universe simply because everything is energy and frequency.
  • You are more than this physical body, which is not the “real” you. You are a luminous energy field of pure consciousness taking form in a body. Your thoughts and beliefs manifest in the physical, material world. What you think upon grows and magnifies to positive or negative outcomes.
  • Purity is a powerful quality that can free you from limitation, leading to unrestricted freedom and joy, enhancing every area of your life.
  • Your response to discord and strife must be grounded in love, based on a foundation of wisdom, and purity of intention in both heart and mind.
  • When you connect to your inner power, you become a magnet for good, and life is a blessing.



  1. Living in the high vibration of love. I absolutely love Hafiz and fear has no room here. Love your perspective.

    • Debra Oakland says

      TYSM Heather – striving to live in the brightest, loving, abundant room in the house is always the best way forward.

  2. I hadn’t thought of fear as being the cheapest room in the house. Interesting concept to consider. I, too, would like to live in better conditions. 😉

    I enjoyed your article and learning more about diamonds. Thanks for sharing your pearls of wisdom, Debra.

    • Debra Oakland says

      I love this particular quote as it gives us a strong visual to ponder. It all leads back to making conscious choices that support our life. 🙂

  3. I like the way you move from the diamond into the concept of purity. I’ll be adding the image to the pictures of light in my recent meditations. Thank you.

    • Debra Oakland says

      How wonderful Andrea – thank you for your comment and enjoy your diamond bright light meditations!

  4. I love this Debra Brandon Bays says we are born with a diamond heart and through the years it gets dulled and as we let go of fears and emotional baggage we polish our diamond to shine our true light . I love the concept of purity and the reel wrap xxoo Thank you

  5. Approaching our day from a place of love and compassion raises our vibrations to attract all that we need and opens the way for accomplishing the big ticket items on our list, Debra.

    When we keep our thoughts pure, I find the solutions to many problems and decisions becomes easier because we are able to see other perspectives apart from our own.

    • Debra Oakland says

      You are correct Vatsala. Energy flows as we direct our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Enjoy life and keep an open mind. 🙂