The Power of Peace

The Power of Peace

Most of my life I have waited for others around me to make the changes I wished to see in the world. I realize now that I am part of that change and have a voice for peace. It takes courage for me to speak out, which I will be doing on a more regular basis. Pleasing everyone is not important to me any longer. Nothing gets accomplished that way. Peace begins when we each participate.

Here is my message to you today:

Let peace settle into each breath you take. Feel it. Hold this feeling deep inside of you. For only when peace is held in each moment, will your life transform.

The gift you desire to deliver to the world is the light you came here to shine. This world needs each and every one of us to stand tall in peace, shining our light. It takes strength and courage to break up the storm cloud of human discord that prevails in the world at this time. We have a duty to ourselves and each other to make this world a better place for all to live. You carry powerful light. You can direct your light wherever you want it to go. Humanity is crying out as never before, reaching for help, for freedom. There is a great mass pressure compelling people to come into peace and order.

Imagine yourself stepping onto a moving stairway of light. You walk up the stairway using your own effort as the stairway of light carries you forward. You have a power inside of you that carries you forward more powerfully than your own effort could ever do. When we align with that power inside of us, the gained momentum is tremendous. Call that power inside of you whatever you want, there are as many names for it as there are people. Call it Bob if you want, just identify it. The name is just how we identify or label for our own mental comfort. You know how many people feel the need to categorize or put things in a box. You can not put God (or whatever name you choose) in a box. Something that everyone has access to does not fit in any box or container. Back to the subject of light.

The light wants to expand, which will produce courage, strength, harmony, health, perfection, and more that life has to offer. Kindness and consideration (forms of light) to others is imperative if you want to bring peace into your life and then into the world. If you cannot have peaceful harmonious conversations over whatever points are being discussed, discontinue the conversation. You are not responsible for another persons thoughts and feelings. Take care of your own. You will unleash the power (light) inside of you when you are calm and peaceful.

If you want to walk around being negative, go for it. Just realize that you will experience the repercussions  that negativity will bring. You are solely responsible. You have the choice to close the door to your joy and miracles or open the door wide to access your greatness and everything that wants to come your way. I am here to experience life in all of its perfection, how about you? For each person that looks different, but if you can not participate, stay out of the way of those who do. Make every moment matter, they are more important than you realize.

Walk in the Power of Peace,

Debra Oakland