Have Courage – Release Resistance – Grab a Miracle

Do you have the courage to let go of resistance in your life?  I think we all want to live as our authentic courageous self. We all have areas of our lives where we feel challenged daily. Ultimately there is a knowing as to where the resistance is, and how it is acting up in our lives. Take a look at it – go deep inside and really look at what holds you back. Walk with it, be with it.  This is something you can take your time with.  Don’t seek to measure this as something outside yourself, maybe the effect is something outside of yourself, but the resistance creating the condition is inside you.  When you find it, do you have the courage to let the resistance go?  When there is resistance to anything, there is not enough love. If you are choosing something, yet day after day you are challenged, there is not enough love.  Instead of feeding the resistance, teach yourself to surrender, and watch it turn into something beautiful.

Take the journey back to who you truly are. Are you ready to know that miracles, or what the world calls miracles, are the natural way of living life and they unfold naturally when you are in your higher power of love? Ask yourself, is there anything in me that can interfere with the unfoldment of my miracles? Ultimately the only thing that can interfere with a miracle is fear. What is this fear specializing in? Is it one of the children of fear, such as hatred, revenge, jealousy, judgment, doubt?  Resistance is fear. Miracles are a higher power that have an opportunity to act in our lives.  When you use your free will to fear, then that is a force in which the miracle coming to you, must stand aside and wait.  The miracle of you is waiting.

Trust your life, keep choosing love and you will experience what love – loves to fulfill.  This planet is craving beauty, magnificence, restoration of her elements and perfection.  When will the nonsense of destructive human free will stop?  When enough humans come back to their hearts and into love, this planet will change. The 4 elements ( fire, air, earth and water) will respond to this love.  Restoration will begin.  This planet desperately needs to heal, just as we do.

Thanks to the power of the internet, destructive individuals are being exposed.
Around the world people are connecting on common ground, even though many in positions of power have tried to separate and control us through fear. Keep your eye on love and peace, not just for yourself and your family, but for our world family.  Look at the bigger picture instead of the small details. It is our job to turn and face the light and have the courage to turn our backs on all that is destructive. When people of the world come together in peace and those we place in positions of power direct their influence for the highest and greatest good for all, the healing will begin on a global level.

Peace For All,
Debra Oakland