12 Tips To Create A Joyful 2011

Time does fly doesn’t it? The beginning of a New Year always leads me to reflect on the passing year.  2010 was full of the joys and challenges of a year well lived. I am grateful for every moment, even the painful one’s.  I recently heard someone say that our greatest wounds form us and put us on the path to our purpose.  This is part of Living in Courage!

One of the most important things I take away from 2010, is that by connecting to the Love, Wisdom and Power in my heart, I am able to direct my life much more effectively.  I learned that love gives us the wisdom to direct the power that lives inside of us.  Fear never gives us that capability, and only stifles our ability to connect to our “good.”  I have also learned that this list of 12 tips help contribute to a lifetime of happiness, year in and year out.

12 Tips To Create A Joyful 2011 that can form a framework for living 2011to the fullest.  Make your own list.  I would love to hear from you.

* Maintain gratitude as an attitude

* Never give up on your dreams.  Believe in yourself and expect miracles.

* Do something today that will take you where you want to go tomorrow.

* Stay harmless to yourself and others.

* Take responsibility for your actions and know that your life is reflecting back to you what you have created.

* Remember to shine your light!  The bright star in you lights up the world.

* Follow your passion. Do things you love that bring you joy. This creates a vision for your future.

* Peace is Power.  Be the peace commanding presence in your own life.  A living example to others.

* Connect to Mother Nature daily in some way.  This journey has bumps in the road and to navigate them wisely, you will need her help.

* Be your authentic self.  Never apologize for who you are and stop worrying about other people’s “opinions.”

* Pay close attention to your physical, mental and spiritual health.

* If you want change, be that change. Give out and pay forward in joy.

May your New Year year bring you wondrous gifts of courage, love and light,