Ambiguity – Beauty & The Beast

Anyone out there feeling up and down emotions, confusion, or uncertainty?

One thing you can count on – the outer world and the people in it are always going to change. This can be unsettling, especially for those who don’t do well with shifting tides. Some people thrive in life’s storms, some flounder…splashing about as if they are going to drown in confusion. Communication can be challenging. We have speakers and listeners. How that information translates can be ambiguous.

How do you disambiguate, and when is it important to do so? As speakers and listeners, it’s easy to misread the intention of information shared. Misunderstandings can occur without clarity. What’s the solution? Changing the conversation to an effective form of communication is a start. By clarifying intent, brief and vague information is removed from the equation. Some use this to their advantage…or, so they think! Clarity always wins the race. Oh, the beauty and charm of ambiguity!

How men and women communicate

It’s a well known fact that most women use far more words than men. It’s in our DNA. Women and men communicate differently. My husband and I have different ways of delivering information, even though the intent is to get the same message across. We find this quite humorous. The biggest example of ambiguous information/conversation I can think of is politics. Each side wanting to get their message across to directly influence the outcome, yet withholding important information – the power of ambiguity at it’s worst – the beast. Pay attention to messages of clarity – where great truth lives and breathes.

Everyone has expectations, it’s human nature, and sometimes we feel life has let us down

Disappointment ensues when we feel let down. Is what disappointed you something you could have directly changed? Many times it is not. Life can be a roller-coaster. We replay scenarios over and over in our minds. The world has not been managed well, and we the people, are the fallout. This can cause great distress and fear. You aren’t alone. This happens to all of us. If the disappointment is powerful, what are the next steps you can take to change the course of your life? Take small steps. Build your inner strength. When you feel centered, courageous, and confident – take bigger steps forward. It’s a wild adventure here on earth. For the time we exist on this little planet called Earth, let’s make it the best ride of our life . Ambiguous or not, we all share it together.