Be Courageous In Kindness

Be kind to people today.  Step outside of yourself a bit, no matter what is going on inside you.  When you are courageous and extend kindness to others, it feels incredibly delicious.  That kindness will find it’s way back to you every time.  Kindness is a great gift to give yourself and others.

I know that you have noticed when you are happy, the world seems happy.  When you are pissy and grumbly, the whole world seems the same.  What does that tell you?  Are you willing to come from a place of courage by extending kindness to others today?

Being courageous in kindness is far reaching.  It is a small step back to love.  For where there is discord or fear of any kind, there is simply not enough love.  Extending kindness is a bridge back to the heart.

Please come back and share your experiences as you spread kindness around today.  I extend my love to you.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage