Conscious Magnetism

Through the power of your personal magnetism you are able to affect other people by being a living example.  Have you ever been around someone who attracts people like moths to a flame? They seem to have an ability to magnetize people into their sphere of influence. They are almost irresistible because they have fascinating powers to create, persuade and attract anything they want into their lives.

Are you aware you have the capability for the same magnetism?  You and I are magnetic by nature.  This magnetic force can bring the unformed into form by the use of thoughts, feelings and actions.  It is so exciting to know that we have the power to create, and that this power lives in each one of us.  Our thoughts are ALL powerful.  Feelings create movement and when combined with action can build momentum.

Think about falling in love. You can’t stop thinking about the person. You feel the love for them filling you. By taking action with a willing participant who shares your feelings, you move into a relationship. Movement and momentum carry the relationship forward.  The cares of the world seem to drop away when you are with this person.  Music sounds better, food tastes better, life is good. I can go on, but you get the picture.  Your energetic field is vibrating at a higher frequency because you are happy.  Happy = Fast. Unhappy = Slow.

Now think about a time when you were angry, hurt or fearful.  The world seemed darker, less friendly, like your mood.  Happy people irritated you, because you could not feel happy in those moments.  You replayed the scene of your unhappiness, anger or fear over and over in your head like a movie.  You may have even temporarily isolated yourself or become depressed over the situation.  Your energetic field was vibrating at a lower frequency.

Which feels better?  Of course, love always feels better than anger and the family of fear.  You are a magnet who has the opportunity to react or respond to every situation. When you come from a place of love, you take the higher road.  By making a conscious choice to respond from a place of love and kindness in every situation possible, this creates momentum which will magnetize good things into your life. Your potential is infinite.  Your outer world reflects your inner world.  The law of cause and effect.

So just as the person who attracts people like moths to a flame, you can create the life you dream of.  Love, health, wealth, joy or any of the great qualities of life are in abundance, ready and willing to be magnetized to you.  Choosing thoughts and feelings of a higher vibration can be challenging, but with persistence and vigilance it can be done.  Over time your outer life will reflect your powers of magnetism, where you have ‘consciously’ become the master of your creations.

Debra Oakland