Courageously Give The Wings Of Your Soul Permission To Fly!

Rainbow Angel Wings in the clouds Banner

Courageously give the wings of your soul permission to fly. What’s that you say? By wings I mean taking control of your life, being the pilot of your destiny. Do you sometimes feel a bit stifled, like your wings are tied to your side, or are they flapping wildly, not able to gain enough momentum to get off the ground? The good news is, you are not alone. We all feel this way from time to time.

Your soul has the capability to fly endlessly and loves to assist you with patience and love, so you can courageously give the wings of your soul permission to fly.  Learn to listen to that still small voice inside. Let it speak to you, help you expand your wings and prepare you for flight. Listen closely in peace from your heart center. Follow the instructions, even if they don’t make sense to you at the moment. Your heart knows what is perfect for you, and will not lead you in the wrong direction when you come from a place of love.

I talk to people all over the world. Many have found their wings and fly beautifully, others are ready to take flight, pensive, yet eager, and some are simply too afraid to even think about it. Are you ready to fly, yet there is something that holds you back? Ask yourself these questions:

– What am I afraid of and why?

– Do I play the victim?

– Is this a mental, physical or spiritual issue?

– Am I surrounded by positive people, mentors or living examples who have accomplished what I want to do, be and have?

– Am I self sabotaging by my thoughts, feelings and actions?

– What is my passion and am I living it, regardless of what other people want me to do?

– Do I catch myself when being negative and replace those thoughts and feelings with something positive?

– Do I forgive myself and others?

– How do I deny myself?

– Am I living out old worn out patterns of behavior that do not serve me anymore?

– How can I learn to love myself unconditionally one day at a time?

– Am I kind and loving to myself and others. Do I smile and share hugs?

– How can I  become a living example of inspiration and encouragement to myself and those I love?

– What are my priorities in life and am I placing them first without distractions?

– How can I experience more love and joy allowing my wings to fly anywhere I want them to take me?

Dig deep. In your quiet moments, by talking and listening to your heart, answers will be revealed. Support others who are learning to fly and they in turn will support you.

Have a joy-full and safe flight!

Debra Oakland