As we explore the 144 Qualities of Love, I have chosen to begin with one of the greatest qualities – Creativity.  Many say, “You can have anything.”  The higher truth is – You can create anything. All the creative forces of life are alive inside you. As you harness the power of self expression, life expands.  You are here to create. Use your imagination deliberately and purposefully. This unlimited tool allows your visions and dreams to come forward in all their glory.  Your mind is fertile ground, the very fabric and foundation of your ability to create.  When your feelings are brought into play,  you have momentum that can take your seed desire into manifestation.

These steps will help you in creating:

Think it – Utilize your imagination

See it – Visualize

Feel it – How open in your heart?

Own your creation…

Let it go in gratitude

Qualify these steps by saying, “I am a creator being living in my power. I use curiosity, creativity and courage to create my best life.”

Joy loves to express in, through and out from you.  Creating, as in any great quality, is where you will find joy and clarity.  You are truly given the greatest powers in the Universe to direct the intelligence that lives in your heart – your Higher Self.  Where and how you direct this energy will determine the speed and longevity of the creation.  Anticipation and expectation are your friends.  Creating in a positive way will remove you from mediocrity, and propel you into a world of every possibility you can conceive.  Remember the saying “What you can conceive, you can achieve.”

In John O’Donohue’s book Anam Cara, he states “The divine has such passionate creativity and instinct for the fully inhabited life.  If you allow yourself to be the person that you are, then everything will come together in rhythm.”  He also says that the shape of each soul is different.  May the shape of your creation be uniquely yours.  As beautiful and individual as you are.

Cheers to “Creativity”