Debra's Message From The Universe

I want to share my message from TUT .  I get a note from the universe every day – I love them.  This one is particularly wonderful in regard to how I see life.  You only have to look, listen and communicate with the greatest power in you where there has never been limitation.  Every aspect of our life will eventually lead us back to self.  Back to love.  Some sooner than others.  I prefer sooner, how about you?  And remember, never never never look back.

Debra Oakland @ Living in Courage

Oh, yes indeed, Debra, another holiday season is upon you, and so it is here, so I bet you’re wondering what I’d like as a present. Right?!

Well, since there’s already peace on earth (for those who look), since there’s already goodwill toward all (mine and yours for starters), and because Debra Oakland’s already in the world (took long enough), how about, if I may ask, we talk a little more often? You lean on me a bit more? You expect a few more miracles? And we never stop to look back?

Is that asking too much?

I’m there anyway,
The Universe