Ellen Degeneres Tulane Graduation Speech

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone. My amazing friend Nicole McKinney shared this post on her blog BCAD Group.  I would like to share it with you as a source of inspiration and direction.  Ellen has gained a great deal of wisdom on life’s journey.  I find she shares this wisdom honestly with the graduating students of Tulane University in New Orleans.

Debra Oakland@ Living in Courage Online

Ellen Degeneres Tulane Graduation Speech

I thought I would change the tone and theme of my post today and provide some humor as well as some inspiration. We all know Ellen Degeneres. I find her so funny. For those of you who do not know, Tulane University is located in New Orleans. As of today there are many who are suffering the ravages years later from Hurricane Katrina. A city with so much history and vibrant with culture….almost drown at the hands of mother nature. As this brave city shows its resilience, this speech from Ellen reminds each of us to be who we are. The power of believing in yourself will be the milestone that allows each one of us to make our most profound contribution. I came across this post from a daily feed called Splendora. Gina Pell, the founder of this trend zine as I like to call it, always finds such interesting things to cover on her weekly radar!  Enjoy — I sure did.

Happy Memorial Day to our American friends.

Best Nicole