Ellen Degeneres Tulane Graduation Speech

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone. My amazing friend Nicole McKinney shared this post on her blog BCAD Group.  I would like to share it with you as a source of inspiration and direction.  Ellen has gained a great deal of wisdom on life's journey.  I find she shares this wisdom honestly with the … [Read more...]

The Living Courage of Barack Obama – Inauguration 2009

I am so proud of the American people for having the courage to choose Barack Obama to lead us into a new future for this country. The healing of America can now begin.  This nation is in good hands.  May we all support our government as it now partners with a great leader. The  Inauguration was … [Read more...]


Happy Memorial Day to each and every one of you. To me this day is about gratitude to so many people throughout history. Thank you to all the veterans. This day is also about looking forward to peace throughout the world. I would like to share something I read at www.history.com about this … [Read more...]