Embracing Serenity

serenity prayer butterfly

Embracing serenity, doesn’t that sound wonderful? Easier said than done sometimes isn’t it? Yet, we all strive for that feeling of serenity in a world full of movement, noise and distraction.

Personally, I find my serenity in nature, sharing space with a redwood forest, pine trees, streams and trails. I feel refreshed in the mountain air, energized differently than when at sea level. Since I don’t live in the mountains, I look for ways to find that serenity at sea level, eagerly looking forward to my next visit to the mountains. What brings you serenity? If you find it evasive, it’s time to reconnect with this marvelous feeling.

It has become the norm for many people to feel stress in our busy world. Every emotion we feel is registered in our body, so if you are feeling stressful, find where the tension has taken hold. Does your chest, shoulders or solar plexus tighten up? Be aware of the sensations you feel. This may sound simple, but bring your awareness to the area feeling tension and gently massage that area of the body as you send it love. Enjoy the relaxation and relief this mini love massage brings. This opens a space where serenity unites with your willingness to be mindful, bringing peace to body, mind and spirit. Every moment gives you a new opportunity to bring a calm perspective to any situation.

Embracing serenity takes concentrated effort. Our greatest gifts can come from the places in which we have been wounded most deeply. Serenity grows out of awareness, love, peace, forgiveness and learning to love ourselves unconditionally. Our serenity can bring tranquility to others and it is a great way to pay it forward.  Courageous Serenity!

Debra Oakland