Fear Of Negative Consequences – 7 Solutions

As a species, we are driven by the fear of negative consequences

There is a great deal that is negative in the world right now. Our individual behavior contributes to this negativity. Why do I say this? Because we are programmed to look for what danger may be lurking around the corner. Why do you think headlines and the news media grab the attention of people – creating worry, fear, and apprehension? Funny thing is, we keep coming back for more. Nonsensical really, as most of it is there to distract and program those who participate. What happened to critical thinking? Seems to be on hiatus.

Not to be a Debbie Downer…

What is happening worldwide is beyond the scope of what most people can grasp. Whatever side you are on, good for you, and as my husband says, “Just don’t be a dick!” – be kind. Are we playing fair with each other? I don’t believe we are, and the cost is devastating the lives of billions. People are confused by all the contradicting information they are being fed. It’s like bullets flying in every direction and people are ducking to take cover. People hold tightly to their opinions and beliefs. Having a controversial conversation lately without triggering someone is a win win! Fear is riding roughshod and taking over many lives on this planet. I predict there will be a massive shift soon that will shake people to their very core. It’s hard for most people to stay positive in the current environment, but it is essential we do. Courage required.

Things We Will Be Hearing.


I wish I would have known. I was too busy with life to pay attention and do my homework.

Why didn’t someone tell me sooner?

Why did you know and I didn’t?

How did you stay so calm in the midst of the storm?

Is it too late?

How can we make this right?

What Can You Do?

Be a source of knowledge and be able to back it up. Help others to navigate what is currently happening and on the horizon.

People are tired, we’ve all been through the fire, so be patient.

Do your homework on how things are run on this planet. Not just here, but around the world. Dig deep.

Be a positive shoulder to cry on when needed. Lift someone up when they need you most.

Do things that make you happy. Take the time to share your secrets on happiness and well-being with others.

Remember, it’s never to late to put things right. Impatience does no good – it’s all in the timing.

Trust in yourself and do not waver, even when things get tough, and they will. Together, we are stronger.



  1. BJ Welch says

    That is a wonderful article and reminds people not to live in fear. But look to the more optimistic side of life because there is plenty of optimism if we choose to see it.

    • Debra Oakland says

      Thank you, it’s always best to be optimistic, understanding fear is meant to destroy the fabric of life.