From Chaos to Clarity: Lessons Learned in a Science Fiction Reality

As we stand at the conclusion of yet another year marked by unforeseen upheavals

I find myself reflecting on the continuous transformations and global shifts that have been the focal points of my writing for years. The unfolding narrative of life on Earth often echoes the plot-lines of a science fiction movie. Amidst this tumultuous backdrop, the aspiration to embody warmth and kindness towards humanity remains challenged by a stark reality – these qualities seem to be in scarce supply.

In the face of this challenge

I choose not to be a passive observer or to succumb to external control. Instead, I assert my commitment to navigating life guided by my inner wisdom and sound judgment. My instincts, honed by experience, serve as a reliable compass in this unpredictable terrain. I extend my trust selectively, placing it in those who have proven themselves worthy, rather than blindly following those led by the nose. As we traverse the intricate web of existence, my resolve remains unwavering—to be a beacon of discernment and resilience in a world often veering into the unknown.

The reflective questions below are designed to help you contemplate the themes presented. Following each question are steps to guide you in achieving meaningful self-reflection:

  1. Question: How have unexpected upheavals shaped my personal journey this year?
    • Steps: Set aside time for introspection. Journal about specific events or challenges you faced and how they influenced your growth. Identify lessons learned and areas of resilience.
  2. Question: In what ways have I adapted to global changes and shifts mentioned in the article?
    • Steps: Consider your response to broader societal changes. Reflect on your adaptability and coping mechanisms. Note instances where you navigated uncertainty successfully.
  3. Question: Do I find warmth and kindness lacking in my life, and how do I contribute to or counteract this deficit?
    • Steps: Assess the presence of warmth and kindness in your interactions and relationships. Identify actions you’ve taken to contribute positively. Explore ways to enhance these qualities in your daily interactions.
  4. Question: To what extent do I rely on my inner knowing-ness and good sense in decision-making?
    • Steps: Evaluate recent decisions and choices. Examine the role of intuition and rational thinking. Identify instances where you trusted your instincts and analyze the outcomes.
  5. Question: How selective am I in placing trust, and do I prioritize trust in those who deserve it?
    • Steps: Reflect on relationships and partnerships. Consider instances where trust was well-placed or misdirected. Outline criteria for deserving trust and evaluate your adherence to these criteria.
  6. Question: Am I actively resisting external control and maintaining autonomy in my life?
    • Steps: Review situations where external influences sought to control your actions. Explore strategies employed to resist undue influence. Identify areas where you can strengthen your autonomy.
  7. Question: How can I embody discernment and resilience in the face of uncertainty and change?
    • Steps: Outline specific actions to cultivate discernment. Consider building resilience through mindfulness, self-care, and learning from challenges. Create a plan to implement these strategies in your daily life.

These reflective questions and steps aim to deepen your understanding of your experiences and choices, fostering personal growth and empowerment. Regular self-reflection can enhance self-awareness and contribute to a more intentional and fulfilling life. Embrace the daily challenge of Living in Courage; the journey may be tough, but the fulfillment is extraordinary.


  1. Love all the wisdom u share with us.
    Thank u for the deep questions to ponder.
    Wishing u the happiest joy filled holidays!

  2. Absolute wonderful article. Asking this questions of ourselves that you have brought to us, would really help us live from our center. Not an easy task, but one that is open to explore and make active in our lives.
    Masterfullly written!!

    • Debra Oakland says

      TYSM for your lovely comment. Living from our center is the key to a balanced and happy life. The choice is ours to take action on our own behalf.

  3. Thank you for reminding us to look within to find an inner calm but assessing our past to date and challenges met and overcome. A good reminder that we can all be the calm in our own storm as well as being calm and holding space for others. And yes warmth and kindness must remain at the center as much as possible, even when we are in fear of outer or inner influences that seek to derail us. Thank you my friend for your light, warmth and kindness.

    • Debra Oakland says

      Sally I love when people ‘get’ the messages I am so enthusiastic about sharing. I love your comment – thank you for being a constant and lovely friend in my life.